You need to follow a few tips to design a sustainable landscape for your home and your outdoor spaces.  Unlike traditional landscape designs for sustainable landscaping, gardeners generally use native plants and vegetable patches and make water-conserving designs in the garden to retain water.

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How to create a sustainable landscaped Garden?

Use natural landscaping materials

For a landscape garden, it is essential to use natural landscaping materials that can be recycled easily, such as excavated rocks and sustainable-sourced timbers. Also, it is essential to avoid excessive paving as it can heat the premises.

Create natural shade

Another trick of incorporating sustainability into the landscape area is building natural shade around the property and the garden. Plant trees around the garden, which will grow and provide ample shade to the property and help save electricity bills during summer. You can also add artificial shade around the garden to keep the trees and the grasses away from the scorching rays of the sun during the summer.

Create water-conserving designs

Gardeners prefer creating water-conserving designs within the landscape to make it sustainable. Water bodies like ponds and water features are included in the landscape to manage the overall water retention within the garden.

Another smart way to conserve water is to use efficient irrigation techniques. Some gardeners also prefer installing ground sprinklers all over the landscape area to provide sufficient moisture to the grass and the growing plants.

Use native plants

For a sustainable landscaping idea, gardeners mostly use native plants that harmonise with the local climate and work well with all types of weather patterns. Native and exotic plants are suitable for different climatic zones. For instance, using drought-tolerant native grasses can help make the landscape garden look beautiful and also retain the greenery for a long time.

Use natural fertilisers

The best way to bring sustainability into the landscape area of the garden is by including natural fertilisers to improve the soil texture. These fertilisers consist of organic kitchen and garden waste, and they do not contain any chemicals. Moreover, a layer of mulch on the soil around the plants can prevent water loss through evaporation.

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