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patiosParklane Landscaping is trusted Patios and paving contractors in Cobham areas, transforming domestic and commercial properties with carefully laid, high quality materials. We provide best patio services and use quality of materials and installs as per requirement.

  • Indian Sandstone & Limestone: For the past 20 years, Indian Sandstone has been the main product used for extending the indoor living space outdoors. Its durability and variety of color are two characteristics that our Cobham clients often cite as appealing. As a general rule, it is laid in a randomized pattern that allows space to be covered with ease, while eliminating any small joints or lines that could occur throughout the patio.
    During the past 5 years, due to demand for the product, the quality and range has improved. Now stones can be calibrated, which eliminates the randomness of the laying method. Done correctly and with the right stone, a Sandstone patio can transform any space and boost the value of Cobham properties, both commercial and residential.
  • Sawn Sandstone: This product has burst on to the scene over the past 5 years, bringing sandstone patios’ durability to a whole new level. There are generally two types of sawn sandstone our paving contractors use when taking on projects around Cobham, four sided and six sided. The later has all four sides sawn to give a straight edge. This gives the top of the slab a smooth effect similar to a tile, which works great in more modern environments where you want to continue the inside, outside!
    A four sided version allows for the top of the slab to still retain some of the character that a standard Indian Sandstone slab would have, with the crisp edges of a sawn. Both products are generally laid tight together, which gives smaller mortar joints and allows for the space to feel more like an internal floor. The product is designed to do just that and create a continuation of a living space.
  • Yorkstone: Yorkstone is a product that was at its most popular 20 years ago, but it has recently picked up steam again, and is often requested by Surrey clients in and around Cobham. Its sudden resurgence is due to client’s either wanting a more cottagey feel to the garden, or to have their existing garden re-laid. Generally, due to its natural appeal and variation in sizes, Yorkstone was used by paving contractors within the ground of larger older properties, as it would be more in keeping with its surroundings.

patioThe majority of the time, due to its age and the period it was laid in, the stones were often placed on the soil or compacted building sand. This often led to slab subsidence. The modern approach and techniques for laying mean that the stone can now be correctly based underneath for strength, and the slabs bedded with mortar for durability. Being a natural product it is more expensive than modern materials, however property owners often find that its natural charm and look is worth the extra cost.

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Patios are avail in various sizes and shapes like Brick weave patios, Courtyard solutions, Garden paving and Beta setts. Searching for patio installation and paving contractors in Cobham? Call Parklane Landscaping on 01306 735362 or 07768 026770!