A driveway is one of the most common property features in every home. Most of the time, it remains overlooked. However, you need to know that the driveway is the pathway to the home that sets the tone when anyone enters the house.

If you want to upgrade the driveway to match the look and feel of the property, you might be wondering which style to choose.

When installing or upgrading the existing driveways in Guildford or nearby locations, hire professionals who provide bespoke landscaping services.

Today, you will explore the importance of the driveway and the different surfacing options you need to check.

Why Is A Driveway Installation Crucial?

There are so many reasons why installing a driveway is a must. It provides a hard surface for your car to park on. Several issues can occur later if you do not have some durable and solid layering between the earth and the vehicle. The driveway also prevents water from accumulating in one place. This feature is very important during rainy seasons. Lastly, driveways improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you choose an option like block paving, it can work as the welcoming mat for the home.

Which Driveway Surface Is Best For Your Property?

Choosing the right surface for your home’s potential driveway can be difficult. Here are some of the options you need to know. Choose the right type of driveway surfacing based on your budget, durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.

  • Tarmac Driveways

The core reasons for using tarmac are durability and affordability. Tarmac has been around for many years. It is the best option for public driveways. This surface costs less to manufacture and install and provides a durable surface to drive on. If budget is a priority, you must opt for this driveway surfacing.

  • Resin Driveways

Resin driveways provide durability like tarmac with the additional benefits of customisation options and improved curb appeal. Resin comes in different colours and finishes matching your home’s aesthetics. It is low-maintenance and durable, but it is more expensive than tarmac.

  • Block Paving Driveway

The block pavement is the timeless option for all homes. It is not just a driveway, but it’s a statement. The driveway with detailed blocking patterns can set the tone of your property. They are best for water drainage. They need very little maintenance, and they are decorative, too. The price of installing block pavement depends upon the pattern and area.

At Parklane Landscaping, you can choose from a wide range of driveway options, from basic block paving to resin driveway surfacing. Please consult us for professional driveway installation.