A modern driveway isn’t just used for parking cars. It can be used if done correctly, to transform and highlight the front of any property adding beauty as well as value to any house. It really should be seen as an entrance to your home. The endless choice in design and materials, often makes this one of the more important decisions a client has to make with any landscaping project.

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Parklane Landscaping is leading driveways Company in Epsom, have run through the different types of driveways we build for domestic and commercial clients. Each material has its own merits and will appeal to a certain type of customer. If you find that you’re in anyway unsure about which option to choose, we urge you to get in contact with us right away.
  • Block Paving Driveways: Over recent years, we’ve noticed that customers looking to choose a new driveway material favor block paving as their number one choice. The range of colors and materials are double what they were 10 years ago, and when installed correctly the effect to the front of a property can be totally transformative. It’s a versatile material and can be used to overcome slopes and gradients, as well as lighten darkened areas. When laid in the herringbone format its strength is increased as all of the blocks interlock within the drive. Its durability and cost are the main reasons clients will often choose to have their driveways built out of block paving. But on top of this, it’s simple to install and with the correct detailing with borders and edgings, you can really boost the value of your Cobham property – especially if your old driveway is a little worse for wear.
  • Indian Sandstone Driveways: It has become more popular over the past five years to build driveways out of materials that are often used for patio areas. It is often more cost effective if doing an entire garden project to continue the stone from a back garden through to a front drive. The ground works procedure is exactly the same for block paving. Indian Sandstone is notoriously hard wearing and durable, making it ideally suited for use in driveways due to the weight it can hold. It is in principal laid in the same way a patio is laid, although often on a larger mortar bed. Its vast range of colors and different size combinations are often what our Cobham clients like about using it, as more detail can be achieved in the overall finish. As a natural product there is generally less fading than conventional block paved driveways, and therefore it is easier to clean.
  • Stunning Resin Driveways: Bonded resin driveways are an ideal solution, being hard wearing yet low maintenance, decorative and non-slip in nature. These driveways are often requested by Cobham homeowners and companies who want to overlay existing old driveways, allowing clients to achieve an instant new drive without the expense of digging out the old one. Its easy installation means it can be used for all driveways and car park areas, whether domestic or commercial. A process of cleaning the old drive off, then spreading a two part resin, before sweeping over a choice of stone to a finished level is the standard way for the installation of bonded resin driveways. The product is non-permeable so this needs to be taken into account with larger areas where water run off can be an issue.
Bound Resin driveways are often chosen by clients who want the front of their property to look clean and modern. This product is permeable so often competes in areas where water run-off is an issue. The procedure to lay is similar to bound resin driveways in the fact it relies on a two part resin to set it, however here the stones are mixed with the resin and then leveled to a depth of 20mm throughout the entire driveway. Again this product can be laid over an old driveway, or as a new depending on budget. Its range in colors and blend of stones can be used to lighten any drive, car park or pathways. Its durability and style of finish is often what encourages clients to use this system over any other.

Approach Reliable Professionals for the Best Driveways in Epsom

At Parklane Landscaping, we are one of the leading installers of driveways in Epsom and have been doing it for a long time. We have a considerable amount of reputation in the industry which we have racked up due to the quality of our services. We leave no stones unturned to ensure that your driveway is aesthetically pleasing and well as full of utility so that you can get the best out of it. We offer a wide range of driveway solutions, including tarmac driveways, block-paving driveways, tar-and-chip driveways, gravel driveways, shingle driveways and many more. Having been in the industry for as long as we have, you can easily understand that the quality of our work is top-notch, otherwise, we would not have been able to go on for so long. All our tradespeople have a wealth of experience in the field, so you can rest assured of the fact that the quality is not something about which you need to worry. We are always prepared to go the extra distance to ensure that the driveways we create are up to and even better than what you imagined.

Some of the reasons why you should hire us to construct your driveway are:

  • Comprehensive Services – You can be sure about the fact that once you have handed over the contract of doing your driveway to us, you can completely stop worrying about anything. We take care of everything that needs to be done and present to you the finished driveway at the end of our work.
  • Professional Staff – Another thing that sets us apart in the industry is that all of our staff are extremely professional and very experienced, so you know that your driveway is being constructed by the best hands. The final product is surely going to be something that you cannot help but appreciate.
  • Superior Quality – This is something that we pride ourselves on, and you can rest assured that you are not going to find better professionals to construct your driveway. We have spent years perfecting our work, so you are to get exactly what you are looking for.
  • Variety of Services – As mentioned earlier, if you hire our services, you get to choose from a wide variety of driveway solutions. On our part, we make sure that we do everything that we can to ensure that the finished product is up to the standards that you expect.
As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that make us unique in the industry, and what is better is the fact that these are not just tall claims on our prowess. We have been backing up these claims for a long time and will go on doing so in the future. We are not ones to rest on our laurels and intend to keep moving forward in leaps and bounds in the years ahead of us. We are definitely the ones whom you should come to if you need a driveway constructed.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated team for Driveways Solution
  • We create perfect driveways as per your specification
  • Residential and commercial uses
  • All work guaranteed & no obligation quote
  • Safety certified & excellent reputation
  • High end maintenance service
  • Reasonable price
Want to find out more about the driveways we build around Cobham? Contact or call Parklane Landscaping on 01306 735362.

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A modern driveway isn’t just used for parking cars. It can be used if done correctly, to transform and highlight the front of any property adding beauty.
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