You Should Ignore Some Factors While Doing Landscaping

Particularly in landscaping, there may be contradicting advice since some gardeners concentrate on plant health and animals. A novice landscape design firm may be more concerned with appearances than functionality.


Make sure to distinguish landscaping facts from myths before beginning or abandoning any job. Here are a few gardening urban legends you should reject.

Facts To Remember –

Winter is not the time to grow trees or bushes.

Think again. Tree planting season has barely begun as the weather cools and the leaves start to fall. Unbelievably, winter is the greatest time to plant the majority of trees. Some of the various trees that can be planted in the winter include maples, dogwoods, and evergreen hollies. Since the plants are dormant during this time, there is less chance that they may have transplant shock when moved during the summer.

Only in the spring do bulbs bloom.

False! Fall blooming bulbs provide a landscape with a more delicate, even ethereal, palette after the riot of colour on the hot summer days. These bulbs, which are frequently variations of colchicum, crocus, lycoris, and Sternberg, are planted in the fall with their spring-blooming cousins. The bulbs bloom the following fall, August, September, and October. Some of them even resist deer and emit a little smell.

Your fescue lawn is dead if it turns brown in the middle of a heat wave.

Again incorrect, my lovely. Your fescue lawn may go dormant in exceptionally hot conditions, just like the trees and shrubs indicated above that do so during the colder months. Your lawn should reappear as soon as the weather is cooler and there is enough rain. The secret to maintaining a healthy lawn is regular upkeep. Remember to plan for lawn aeration and overseeding each autumn and keep your mower’s cutting height at its highest during the summer mowing season.

All outside plants are in danger from the stink bug, which is becoming more common.

Fortunately, this is untrue. Stink bugs are a major annoyance and can be found anywhere, including your yard, home, and car. The good news is that stink bugs are not particularly interested in landscaping plants, at least from our perspective. They appear to favour fruit trees, especially peaches and apples, and they are reportedly starting to appreciate vegetables.

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