What is Garden Landscaping? Learn About Its Important Elements

Are you planning to transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor space? If yes, then you must know some important things to facilitate the process. Most people don’t have the proper knowledge of gardening. We also suggest hiring an expert for successful garden landscaping in Cobham. Here are some important things you must know for landscaping your garden.

Know About the Key Elements of Landscaping

What is Garden Landscaping?

Simply put, landscaping means shaping the land. It means considering factors like climate, soil type, and the available natural resources to give your visioned outdoor space a life.

What are the Golden Rules of Landscaping Design?

You need to consider a few core principles for efficient landscaping. These include:

The time you can invest in maintaining your garden

Features you want to have in your garden

The money you can invest in your outdoor space

Different facilities you want to have

Formal and informal landscaping

Types of plants and shrubs favourable for your region

What are the key elements you can’t miss for successful landscaping?

The Lawn

This is the most important thing you need to consider. It can make even a small area spacious. Remember to do regular cutting, pruning and caring even when the season changes. Besides, avoid cluttering it with too many trees and little flower beds. It can make your garden look fussy.

Shrubs and Hedges

Your local garden centre can help you to learn about the popular shrubs and hedges. Before choosing any of them, first, decide where you will plant them. You can also go for such shrubs that you can also use for hedge purposes. But a hedge needs regular pruning.

Garden Paths

Having a beautiful path using gravel, stepping blocks, or pavement can take your outdoor space to a whole different level. Besides, meandering or curved paths can elevate the look of your garden more than the straight ones. You can hire experienced landscaping experts to guide you on this.

Popular Landscaping Styles

  • Formal/ Informal: This type of garden involves a brick walkway to reflect formality.
  • English Garden: This type is ideal for harmonising the house’s architecture and the garden.
  • Oriental Garden: This type often uses rocks, evergreens and water.
  • Woodland Garden: This style best suits a house with a wooded backyard and sloping ground.

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