Planting bulbs in fall is nature’s colour code to welcome spring post-winter

Planting of bulbs in the fall season is the secret to a beautiful spring garden. You can enhance the elegant look of your garden with experts in ornamental landscaping in Reigate. A decorative garden is a thing of beauty, a thing of joy. It is the most beautiful extension of your home. The highlight of an ornamental garden is its seasonal charm. It can be turned into a floral paradise with seasonal blooms.

Right after bleak and cold winter, spring steps in. Nature renews its promise of brightening up every nook and corner of Mother Earth with pretty blossoms. There are many ornamental bulbous plants which can turn into a riot of colours in the spring season. It would help if you took the initiative to plant bulbs in the fall season to see it bloom in the next spring.

Why should you plant bulbs in the fall season?

Winter is icy cold. Nature is wrapped up in snowy mist. As winter steps back, the seasonal transition to spring takes place. Right at this time, nature is not at its springtime best. The colour palette of the garden can look plain and dull.

There is a way out to beat the dull after effects of winter and enjoy spring in full fervour (even during the transition phase). Nature has a secret code up its sleeve during this phase (from the end of March to the early days of May).  It would help if you planted bulbs during the fall season right before chilly winter months to get a colourful result in the next season.

Falls is the right time because the bulbs rest underneath the soil during winter months. This is a storage method to conserve its energy. As wintertime frost thins out and grounds starts warming up, bulbs raise their heads above to bloom. The ideal time to proactively plant bulbs is between the time of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Bulbs can also be planted during winter.

Bulbs – the preferred choice of gardeners

Bulbs breathe in life into the landscape post-winter until spring is in full bloom. Bulbs are pretty numerous; the best choices include tulips and narcissi. Other pretty bulbous plants which can decorate a garden or a driveway are:

  • Daffodils (a type of narcissi)
  • Crocus
  • Lily
  • Scilla
  • Hyacinths
  • Fritillaria
  • Allium
  • Camassia
White, purple, pink, orange – each colourful flower is a stunner in your spring garden.

Basic bulb planting tips

The gardener guide has the following tips:
  • Bulb planting demands well-drained soil, which is slightly sandy
  • The hole should be dug at a specified depth
  • They should be planted in tight groups
  • Once planted, cover the bulbs with soil
  • Wait for spring and see the floral magic

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As the sun brightens up, bulbs wake up from dormancy and blossoms into pretty flowers brightening up your garden and neighbourhood. Welcome spring with decorative, ornamental landscaping in Reigate. Indeed the lovely blossom will be a treat to your eyes.