Learn About the Popular Myths of Landscaping in Surrey

The concept of gardening has changed through the generations. Modern generations are likely to do landscaping in their yards and gardens. It helps to add value to their property. Apart from that, landscaping has many benefits. However, there are some myths about this. These are  discussed in detail below –

Myths about Landscaping in Surrey –

Myth 1:You Can’t Put Anything Near A Black Walnut Tree

Black walnut tree roots release a chemical called juglone. It can inhibit or reduce the growth of some plants. But it’s a wrong concept. Trees can grow under the black walnut tree. Some examples are Japanese maple, tulips, lilacs, and daffodils.

Myth 2: Compost Piles Smell Awful

Composting is considered anaerobic if there isn’t enough oxygen in a pile. Though it will still degrade slowly, it will smell like a swamp. To introduce oxygen and reduce any odour, turn the mound frequently.

Myth 3: Thatch will Accumulate on the Lawn if Grass Clippings are Left

Thatch is a thick covering of dead plant that makes it harder for new grass to sprout. Grass clippings do not add to thatch. Especially if you have a mulching mower, leaving your grass clippings in place rather than bagging them is advisable. It saves time and labour. The lawn clippings are also a free nitrogen source.

Myth 4: After Pruning, You Should Paint the Tree’s Wounds

This is a practice that is no longer in style. It usually has no purpose and may even harm the wound’s sealability. There are, however, certain exceptions: tree-wound paint can be useful if you trim a tree that might be in danger from disease-carrying bugs drawn to a fresh wound. Think about it for trees like oaks and birches in particular. View this year’s backyard trends to see what you can do.

Myth 5: Place Green Tomatoes on a Sunny Window Sill to Ripen Them

The sun is not necessary. A cool basement is an ideal location for tomato ripening. Newspaper wrapped around each green tomato will help to restrict the ethylene gas that the fruit emits and speed up ripening.

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