Know The Latest Sustainable Driveway Design Ideas

Gone are those days when driveways were considered to be just a place to park your vehicles. Nowadays, they are an integral part of almost every property in the UK. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to choose a style and design that can enhance your property’s appeal. Whether you are planning to install a basic asphalt or concrete driveway, it is always advisable to choose a modern style as they have huge aesthetic potential. It acts as a welcome mat for your visitors so choose a design which will complement the rest of your home.

Top 4 Sustainable Driveway Design Ideas

  • Durable Driveway With Industrial Strength

It is advisable to install a driveway capable of handling industrial traffic if you use it for big trucks, machinery, heavy vehicles or a big RV. Generally, permeable pavers are capable of supporting the heaviest of loads. The paving system is designed in such a way so that water doesn’t accumulate in the driveway. Various types of liquid can pass right through them into the soil below.

  • Ribbon Driveways

Ribbon driveways have a high aesthetic value. The structure is constructed using two strips of different elements which make the driveway hybrid. Choose experienced driveways installers and they will ensure that the two elements are balanced perfectly. You can construct one with permeable cells capable of holding gravels in between. The objective is to create a structure which can drain immediately and whose appeal stays intact for years.

  • Blend Your Driveway

The demand for the custom permeable driveway is continually enhancing as you can blend it right up to your home’s edge. They work really well for properties with neutral siding. You can make them a unique feature in your yard. Just make sure that the colour of the siding blends well with the color of the gravel aggregate in the pavers.

  • Earthy Look

Homeowners widely prefer driveways with an earthy look as they can improve the visual appeal of their property. Try to create one with cozy colour contrasts. Your driveway installer might even advice to include yellow gravel in the pavers to make the driveway sustainable. They are a beautiful alternative of the traditional grey and white driveways.

Choose one of the driveways design ideas stated above and get in touch with the experts at Parklane Landscaping.