Install the best patio in epsom after considering 5 vital points

If you are looking for a suitable hard standing where you can place the garden furniture or walk on, the best you can do is to install a high-quality patio. They can transform the visual appeal of any garden, irrespective of it being large or small. Though there are numerous patio installers scattered all over Epsom, make sure that the one you are approaching is indeed reliable. Their experts should be aware of all the factors you need to consider before starting with the installation process. Unless every detail of the design is planned wisely, planning the garden of your dreams will become a daunting task.

Few points to consider before installing a patio in epsom

  • Seal the paving: Whether you want to seal the paving or not is completely your decision. Though, opting for the former is highly advisable as it not only helps in preventing stains but can also be cleaned easily and enhances its durability. Let the installer know that you are willing to seal the patio and they will either carry out the sealing process before laying the slabs or a few months after it has been laid.
  • Type of paving: The type of paving you should install in your property is a vital thing to consider. You can either lay a traditional patio using slabs or block paving or use resin bound gravel. A majority of the installers suggest their clients to opt for paving slabs as there are a wide variety of options to choose from. The Indian sandstone, porcelain, marble, yorkstone, concrete, granite, slate and limestone patio are also quite popular.
  • Pattern of the patio: The pattern in which you want the paving to be laid will determine the visual appeal of the structure. There are numerous paving patterns for you to choose from. Though the patterns don’t offer any structural advantage, you can choose the best among them by considering your taste and preferences. A majority of the homeowners opt for the ‘random pattern’ where slabs of different sizes are used to create a random layout.
  • Retaining wall: If you are not sure whether you need a retaining wall or not, have a talk with the company installing a high-quality patio in Epsom. They will suggest you to construct a retaining wall if you are planning to install a raised patio. The primary function of the retaining walls is to prevent the sides of the structure from collapsing. Though people generally prefer constructing the retaining wall using brick, there are other materials also for you to choose from.
  • Drainage system: The patio should be constructed in such a way so that the water falls away from your property instead of hitting the flower bed or lawn. If the level in your garden isn’t allowing the water to drain on its own, ask the installer to opt for some alternate method of draining the surface water. The best is to connect it to a stormwater drain.
Consider the points stated above and installing a durable and functional patio in your property will become easier.