How to Solve Problems of Standing Water for Domestic Landscapes?

Excess rainfall during the monsoon seasons can result in standing water in the landscape beds of the house. Since the landscape is the pathway to your house, standing water leads to creating a murky and messy situation that will end up making the front porch of the house dirty. Standing water can cause many problems, especially for the plants, give rise to diseased conditions, and make the place a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Thus to keep the place healthy and clean, you must avoid standing water problems in your landscape. 

Hire professionals for fixing the landscaping in Surrey if you experience frequent water standing in your landscapes. Often the problem lies with the soil, grading or the drainage system. Fixing the same can help to get rid of this messy situation immediately. 

3 ways issues of standing water in landscapes can be fixed 

Getting rid of soil problem

If you’re dealing with soil issues, ask the professional landscaper to mix clay and apply it on the soil in the landscape area. This will help increase the soil’s drainage process by making the soil slippery. Clay doesn’t retain water in the soil, and hence you can easily avoid the problems of standing water on the landscape. You can also add microbes to the soil to reduce the moisture in the soil. 

Fixing the grading issue

Grading problems in the soil’s bed on the landscape give rise to small spots that pool down the water from the subsurface to the soil. This makes the soil wet and provokes the water to stand throughout the time without separating the same or removing the moisture. If the grading problem is limited to small pores, it is manageable; however, contact the professional landscapers for the difficult ones. 

Fix the drainage problems 

Sometimes due to drainage problems, you might find stagnant water on the beds of the landscape. Thus whenever you find standing water on the landscape, you must check the gutter pipes and the drainage system to ensure they are not blocked. Clearing the gutters might ensure that the whole stagnant water gets drained out. Ensure that the gutter pipes are not blocked with dry leaves and twigs. 

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