How to Maintain Your New-Made Lawn?

A new-made lawn looks like a heaven with a layer of newly mowed lush green grass lying over the same. However, the investment and effort will go in vain if you cannot maintain your lawn. Paying a little attention will help you go a long way in protecting the house’s aesthetic beauty. If you don’t take proper care of your newly seeded garden, then there’s a high probability that you might have to make investments for landscaping and gardening purposes again and again. If you’ve hired professionals for landscaping in Surrey, then you must take good care of the same so that your investment is safe. 

3 ways to maintain newly made lawns in the best possible ways 

Continuous watering 

New seeds are generally implanted in the lawn when the new lawn is made. Watering the germinating seeds sufficiently is the basic requirement as sufficient moisture helps the seeds to grow well. However, excess water on the new lawn can make the place messy. The soil might get moistened and damage the growth of the seeds. Make sure you use sufficient pressure to water the lawns as well. Also, focus on irrigating the newly seeded lawn to remove the excess amount of water from the fields. 

Limited activities 

Too much walking and activity on the newly seeded lawn can hamper the normal germination process. Thus, for the next two or three weeks, make sure that no one steps onto the lawn. This will give the seeds to grow faster, and your lawn will become greener in no time. Too much movement on the new lawn might result in wear and tear from the foot traffic as well. Also, make sure that you keep children and pets away from the newly seeded lawns. 

Mowing the lawns 

Mowing is also a delightful option that you can avail yourself of if you want to maintain the newly set lawn. However, hire professional landscaping experts for mowing purposes. They will know the dos and don’ts of mowing. It is always a good idea to remove only one-third of the leaf while mowing. Moreover, if the ground is wet, don’t mow because this might hinder the growth of the newly planted seeds. 

You can also plant trees and shrubs on the new lawn and ensure that the beauty of the same is enhanced. Hire professionals from Parklane Landscaping for excellent landscaping and fencing services. We provide commercial and domestic landscaping services. Check our website for more details.