Get the best landscaping in cobham with 4 designing principles

Homeowners should always approach an experienced and renowned company for landscaping services. This is because only professionals can craft beautiful and functional landscape designs. They are aware of the designing principles which can make your yard look stunning. They know how to do this without punching a hole in your pocket. Just because you have to follow some designing principles, it does not mean that you can’t apply your creativity. Experienced landscapers in Cobham know the basic designing principles. They can increase the value and appeal of your house by creating elegant and functional landscape designs. Need the best landscape in cobham? Few basic designing principles to follow
  • Law of enclosure
The primary objective of having a beautiful garden is that it brings you closer to nature. A garden filled with bushes and green grass can uplift your mood even if you live in an area filled with concrete buildings. The small, enclosed space will offer you a glimpse of the great outdoors. The easiest way to achieve this is by following the law of enclosure. Measure the horizontal length of the space and ensure that its vertical edge is one-third of the horizontal space.
  • Plant big to small
The beauty of a garden enhances drastically if you can organise the trees, plants and bushes according to their sizes. The best time to plant the trees is after the landscaping plan has been laid down. These elements can transform your yard into a garden if you can plant them properly. Unless you have prior experience in smart planting, taking the aid of experienced professionals is highly advisable. Start planting trees first and gradually proceed to shrubs, perennials and ground cover. Companies designing landscapes will agree with the fact that you will get a better understanding of the landscape if you see the bigger forms first.
  • Thomas D. church’s rule
Thomas Church was a renowned landscape architect who is considered to be the pioneer designer of modernism in garden landscape design. The Thomas D. Church’s ratio is generally followed when putting steps in the garden landscape design. He states that “twice the height of the riser plus the tread should equal 26 inches (66.04 cm)”. Creating various moods in your garden becomes easier with stairs and decking. A majority of the professionals offering landscaping in Cobham follow this rule while designing your garden in multiple manners like symmetrical, minimalistic, curving or elegant.
  • Concept of regulating line
It is an imaginary line connecting all the landscaping features and architectural elements you want to highlight. It is not just about connecting, but they also keep the various components in the garden organised. The sense of cohesiveness and unity created by the regulating line make the planning process easier as the lines work on the quality of rhythm. The principle is subjective and allows the landscaper to make complete utilisation of his creativity. Since you are now aware of the basic designing principles, it’s time you hire experienced landscapers and design a beautiful garden.