Enhance the beauty of your garden with winter landscaping tips

If you love your garden, the easiest way you can enhance its beauty is by hiring landscapers. A majority of them have years of experience and can get your yard in tip-top shape. They ensure that the lawn is perfect with healthy soil, right pH balance and adequate nutrients. They also know the common lawn problems and how to avoid those. Though a skilled landscaper has so much to offer, there are still a few homeowners who think twice before hiring them during winter. This is a common mistake which people need to avoid. Hiring these professionals is a must if you love your garden. They know how to keep its beauty intact even during winter with a few easy landscaping tips. 5 Winter landscaping tips by landscapers in surrey
  • Plant some evergreens
The best time to plant some evergreens in your garden is during winter. They can be the perfect addition to your winter landscape. If you don’t have much liking for green plants, opt for yellow evergreens like gold thread false cypress or blue evergreens like dwarf blue spruce. Approach experienced Landscapes Company and they will craft a suitable design for your garden.
  • Take care of the bark
The branches and trunks of deciduous trees become the focus during winter as they start losing their leaves. This won’t be a bad thing if you have a few ornamental trees in your garden with beautiful and distinctive bark. Your garden will get some extra winter interest which will enhance its beauty. The colour and texture of birch and dogwoods trees are also noteworthy.
  • Focus on hardscape
The best time to assess your landscape and find a suitable focal point is winter. If you feel that there are not many plants in your garden, shift your focus to the hardscape. A bench, trellis, garden sculpture or arbour can enhance the beauty of winter landscape drastically.
  • Know the four-season perennials
If you don’t have much knowledge about landscaping, get in touch with professionals offering landscaping in Surrey. Experienced landscapers always suggest their clients to consider four-season perennials. The evergreen foliage of hellebores, ornamental grasses and dianthus are best for winter landscaping.
  • Look at the summertime containers
If there are a few hanging baskets, window boxes or winter-hardy containers in your garden, utilise them for winter landscaping. Broadleaf evergreens like Japanese Andromeda and miniature dwarf Alberta spruce are the best options for winter. Just make sure you water them every day through the dry period. Planting evergreen boughs will also save you from wasting money on plants. These being said, it’s time you hire experienced landscapers and follow the winter landscaping tips stated above to enhance the beauty of your yard.