Effective Tips for Maintaining Resin Driveways in Reigate

If you’re looking for the option of installing driveways on commercial premises, then resin-bound surfacing is a great option. They are sturdy and durable, helps in the natural draining process. Moreover, a layer of resin is added to the loose aggregates to give a gravel effect. This makes resin bonded driveways stunning and appealing.

For commercial premises, resin bonded driveways are thus a great choice. Maintaining these driveways is also easy. However, it would be best if you remain cautious. You can use soap and water to clean the driveway. If you need to remove tyre marks or algae growths, then make sure to hire professionals involved in the installation, repair, and cleaning of driveways in Reigate.

3 ways to clean resin bonded driveways effectively

Jet hose wash

You can frequently use the big garden hose pipes and spray down the driveway surface. Resin coating helps to drain the water away from the driveways automatically. However, keep two things in mind. Maintain the correct water pressure on the hose pipes and correct water temperature as well. This is the easiest way to clean the driveway and can be done regularly.

Frequent sweepings

These driveways require frequent sweepings to help remove the debris. Sometimes, mosses and algae start to grow on the surface of the driveways. Use a stiff broom to sweep them off clearly. In case of huge weed growth, call professionals at the earliest. It loosens the resin and makes the surface rough.

Professional cleaning process

Apart from the above two ways, if your driveway is experiencing huge vehicle traffic, then there’s a chance that oil spillages may occur. This discolours the driveway and makes it look unappealing. That’s when you need to hire a professional company and get the cleaning process initiated. Moreover, tyre marks get formed on the driveways as time passes by. Normal jet wash or sweeping will not work on the same. Professional services need to be hired.

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