Different Types of Landscaping For Your Garden: A Brief Guide

Whether you want a professional-looking environment in your commercial space or want a beautiful garden to relax in a residential property, you cannot go wrong with landscaping in Dorking. It always adds magic to your current space and makes it look aesthetically appealing. To choose the right type to serve your purpose, you should learn about several types of landscaping.

Learn About Important Types of Landscaping

With a wide range of aesthetic enhancements under landscaping, most fall under the following categories.


We generally find paved areas in commercial landscapes, whether footpaths or driveways. These need some maintenance to look aesthetic while functioning uninterruptedly. Landscaping ensures neat and crisp edges of paved areas. It also ensures that the areas are free from debris and smooth. This reduces the risks of potential tripping while still enhancing its appearance.


Most of the landscaping involves removing, planting, shaping and maintaining greenery that includes grass, shrubs, flowers and trees. The addition and proper maintenance of plants on the landscape helps in adding a splash of colours and freshness to your commercial property. Whether you opt for typical neutral greens or adventurous like bright coloured flowers, you must have plants in your landscape design to avoid a melancholy and harsh atmosphere.


Ornamental features can range from ornate water fountains to decorative statues. These are ideal for your landscape design if you want an elegant look. Water fountains provide a soothing and relaxing effect because of the calming sounds of running water. Adding garden ornaments made using stone or metal with round edges adds a soothing effect to your landscape.

Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Trimming and Shrub Shaping

These not just create visual interest but also make a way to divide landscapes neatly into sections.

Flower Displays

Installing hanging flower displays on the exterior walls of your commercial property adds much-needed colour to your space. You can also choose plants that grow the colour as your company logo.

Grass Trimming

A tidy lawn entices visitors or prospective clients. You can hire professionals to help you achieve such a lawn.

Moss Removal

Thick, green or brown moss generally builds up on paved areas that not just looks awful but also poses slipping hazards.

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