Concrete or Gravel: The Best Driveway for Your Property

Be it a commercial or a residential one – a property must have a beautiful and sustainable driveway as a part of the landscape. The experts of driveways installation in and around Guildford can provide you with endless options in terms of material, style, and design. The choice must be made based on the architectural style of your home and the design of your landscape.

However, often there is a tussle between concrete and gravel driveways. Race can be tough because both these types have pros and cons. Let’s see which one will win the race.

1. Pros and Cons of Concrete Driveways


• Concrete is one of the durable materials available for construction jobs. Hence, driveways made of concrete offer excellent longevity. Their sustainability makes them one of the favourites for all homeowners who look for something budget-friendly and long-lasting.

• The cost-effectiveness of this material makes it one of the popular choices whenever homeowners prefer to install a new driveway for their property. Concrete slabs are easy to install, and the service is totally affordable.

• Concrete driveways do not need extreme or high-value maintenance. The regular wash and yearly property maintenance will be enough to keep the driveway in its best condition for more than 20 years.


• A concrete driveway is hard to repair. If there are cracks on the concrete paving, you may need to remove the entire structure and re-install a new one.
• Staining is easy with the concrete surface. Hence, the concrete driveway can easily look patchy and dull if you do not apply regular cleaning.

2. Pros and Cons of Gravel Driveways


• Like concrete, gravels are low-cost driveway options for most homeowners. They are also easy to maintain. Hence, you can save time and money when choosing gravels instead of others.

• If you find that your driveway does not look as great as it used to be, you can replenish the surface to get a shinier look.


• Gravels are not as durable as concrete. Heavy rain can wash them off, and the surface will be affected due to this.

• The gaps between gravels are an ideal nest for weeds. Hence, regular and careful maintenance is required to keep your gravel driveways weed-free.

• These types of driveways are hard to clean because they tend to create easy potholes. This will affect the curb appeal of your property’s exterior.

Hence, concrete is a smarter choice when it comes to creating a stylish, durable, and easy to maintain the driveway.