Concrete or Asphalt: Best Material for Driveway Construction?

Driveways are commonly used as a pathway to the garage through the main door of the house. If you reside in a large property, then a driveway will also serve the purpose of a roadway connecting the premises to the main road. As the name suggests, driveways are used by homeowners to drive through in their cars. Hence, while constructing the same, you need to look for two significant factors – installation costs and durability of the material. 

The majority of the homeowners prefer two types of materials for constructing driveways in Esher. Concrete or Asphalt – both have their own sets of pros and cons. Here’s a brief overview of the same. 


Although the driveway’s durability depends on the frequency of usage, concrete material is best for driveways because they are hard and ensure long-lasting durability. Asphalt, on the contrary, needs maintenance. High-frequency usage damages asphalt driveways easily.


If you’re looking for low-cost driveway construction, then Asphalt is the best choice for you. A concrete driveway, on the contrary, proves to be economically unfavourable. However, the durability of concrete driveways is more. Hence decide on the material depending upon the parameter of using the driveway. 

Stain visibility

Concrete driveways are light coloured; hence the stains, if any, are easily visible in these types of driveways. Installing Asphalt can save you from this pain. Asphalt generally is a colourful material, and you might get a wide range of designs and options to choose from. Since maintenance is next to impossible, hence choose dark colours and patterns. This way, you can hide any stains on the driveway. 

Crack maintenance

Weather, ageing and repeated fiction forms cracks over the driveway. You can mend them in either of the two types of materials. However, the repairing costs are higher if you own a concrete driveway than the repairing costs incurred for an asphalt driveway.

Design options

With Asphalt, you will only get the option of choosing different colours, but there are simply no design options available. However, if you look through the examples of concrete driveways, you’ll be amazed to find a wide range of designs ranging from stained to tint. Moreover, professional driveway constructors can customise designs as per your instruction if you opt for concrete driveways.

If you’re looking for modern driveway construction, then get in touch with the experts at Parklane Landscaping. We make both concrete and asphalt driveways and add designs according to your choice. Are you confused about which material to choose? Call us and get a consultation from our experienced builders.