Common landscaping mistakes to avoid

A beautiful landscape immediately elevates the aesthetic appeal of your property. Many tend to think that landscaping is like a walk in the park. What is there to do anyway? Mow the grass and plant some attractive plants, and there you go, you have a beautiful front yard.  But unfortunately, if it were that easy, you would not need landscaping professionals for patios. While there are several blogs and articles about how to do landscaping if you are attempting it yourself without any prior experience, only a few people talk about the mistakes that first-timers tend to commit. Here, we are going to tell you the common landscaping that you need to avoid at all cost! 

Avoid cutting the grass in your lawn too low 

Do not attempt to turn your patio into a golf course because you will be doing a lot of harm to the plants instead. When you cut the grass too low, since more than half of the leaves surface is removed, the plant will have difficulty performing photosynthesis, which is vital for the plants to grow healthy. This will result in weak plants with even weaker roots. Try to keep the grass level at least three inches or a minimum of a two and a half inches. 


This is something that the majority of people are guilty of doing. Not all plants require constant watering. It entirely depends on what kind of a plant you have, because different plants have different needs for watering and type of soil in your lawn. 

Pruning habits 

Bad pruning habits can do more harm to your plant than you can imagine. Also, if you do not know the proper techniques of pruning and attempt to experiment, your landscape will end up looking unpleasant.  The basic rule of pruning is to cut the top of the plants, avoiding pruning during the fall season, and pruning only 15 per cent of the plant in one session.  Parklane Landscaping is your trusted one-stop destination for all patio installation and landscaping requirements in and around Cobham.