Checkout The Latest Landscaping Trends Ruling 2021

Inspect a few gardens in your neighbourhood and you will realise that the landscaping world has undergone numerous innovations in the last few years. Some of the landscaping trends are focused on nature and includes more eco-friendly, low-maintenance and water-smart designs. Nowadays, homeowners want to use their outdoor space for various refreshment activities. You can enhance the appeal and value of your landscape by following the latest landscaping trends.

4 Landscaping Trends Expected To Rule 2021 And The Following Years

  • Go Native

Though there are many plants you can choose from for your outdoor space, most people are choosing native plants. They offer numerous benefits and can easily tolerate an area’s conditions. They can thrive even in drought, wind, rainfall and warm conditions. Gardeners can have better peace of mind if they choose native plants. They can survive even in extreme climate changes. If you think that native plants are too boring, your landscaper can help you add a splash of colour to your garden.

  • Create An Outdoor Living Area

2020 was all about safe socialising and social distancing, which has bought an urge in people’s minds to spend more time outdoors. You can create an outdoor living area in your garden and use it as a dining room, kitchen, living room or play area. If there is an underutilised lawn in your house, you can transform it into a living area using a polished or stained concrete floor. Pergolas and gazebos can be used for meditation, entertainment or working. You can enhance the appeal of your patio with a new set of weather-proof outdoor furniture.

  • Include Eco-Conscious Elements

People are willing to include more naturalistic elements in their landscaping plan so the proper English-style gardens have become outdated. Wildly lush cottage gardens with eco-conscious elements have become the new trend. Include a few native plants in the landscape and you don’t have to waste your time taming the garden. People have become conscious about wildlife and are leaving some landscaping elements untouched. Since less is more, low-maintenance gardens are gaining popularity.

  • Set-Up A Pollinator Garden

Our pollinators are very important so setting up a pollinator garden has become a landscaping trend. You can fight climate change easily even if you use a small space for pollinator habitat. Whether you should convert your small garden, the entire lawn or a few containers depend on the space available. Even a pollinator-friendly oasis with a diverse group of native plants can enhance the appeal of your garden.

Follow A Trend That Reflects Your Personality

Though you can choose from a wide variety of landscaping trends, it is always advisable to opt for one which reflects your personality. If you like metal sculpture or old signs, feel free to include those while crafting the design. Instead of following the latest trends blindly, make the most of your creative side. The yard is your private space for which you won’t be judged. The experienced landscapers at Parklane Landscaping can make the task easier for you.