5 Types of Common Patio Materials to Choose for Patio Construction

A patio is a courtyard that is either directly attached or adjoined with the premises. If you have a large patio, you can use the same for recreational and dining purposes. A Typically paved patio will add to the aesthetics and improve the resale value of the property. However, when you’re figuring out the budget for the patio, then the cost of the patio material must be taken into consideration. Approach professionals for patios in Esher, and they will guide you on the common patio materials you should use for the construction purpose. 

What are the common materials used in patios?

Stone patios

Stones are the most common material used in patios. They are durable but highly expensive. You will need to hire a good patio expert to construct the patio using stones of different sizes and shapes. However, it is a one-time investment and needs no maintenance cost. Hence, if your patio falls within a high traffic zone, opting for a stone patio is good. 

Concrete patios

This is easy to construct and the most affordable option. Plain cement is used to apply over the surface and construct the patios. Using plain concrete as a material for the patio prevents the patio from cracking. 

Tiled patio

Tiles are extremely versatile patio material. You can use different tiles like machine-made quarry tiles, terracotta tiles or even synthetic stone tiles to construct a patio. Patios made of tiles are of endless colours and designs, and hence they add to the property’s aesthetic beauty as well. Tiles are a comfortable option and highly reliable as well. Hence, it is a good option to use tiles as patio materials. 

Brick patio

Brick is one of the most popular choices for patio material as it is easy to install. Visually a brick patio is better than a stone patio. Moreover, if you have the required workforce, a brick patio installation doesn’t need a professional. You can easily install the same without any problems. If your patio is attached to the garden area, then a brick patio should certainly be your first choice.

Veneer patios

They are comparatively lighter in weight and durable in nature. Like stone veneer, patio materials are a good option. They can be installed without any hindrance. Moreover, it requires very little maintenance and hence is preferred by many.

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