5 Tips To Follow When Constructing Driveways In Guildford

Planning to improve or update the exterior of your home? Get in touch with a reputable landscaping company and install a driveway. It creates the first impression on your guests and the cars get a smooth surface. Instead of choosing a random material, make sure it is durable enough for the vehicles in your garage.

The demand for concrete driveways has enhanced drastically in the last few years. They can look good for years with minimum maintenance. If you want to make the most of the driveway installed in your property, you have to follow a few tips when constructing it.

Construct A Concrete Driveway Easily With The Tips Stated Below

  • Correctly Place The Joints

An easy way to prevent random cracking of concrete driveways is by ensuring that the maximum gap between the control joints is around 10 feet. Rather than being a structural issue, random cracks can impact the product’s service life and appeal. It is advisable to avoid joint patterns producing rectangular or triangular sections.

  • Prepare The Subgrade

The durability of your concrete driveways depends on how you prepare the subgrade. It is advisable to maintain uniformity when preparing it. Mix the soil uniformly and you can prevent the slab from settling. It will also become easy to maintain the thickness of the concrete slab. Use gravel or crushed rock to remove soft spots.

  • Give The Ground A Proper Finish

Two common mistakes homeowners make when trying to install the driveways themselves are they overwork the surface and start finishing operations in the presence of bleedwater. Avoid using a steel trowel for the final finish as it might seal the surface prematurely and the bleedwater can’t evaporate.

  • Check The Drainage

Hire experienced landscapers for installing driveways in Guildford and they will construct it in such a way that can prevent water stagnation. Divert its slop from other structures in your home. If you fail to take care of the drainage system when installing the driveway, collect the water by installing a drain and diverting it towards the street.

  • Check Thickness

The capacity of driveways largely depends on the structure’s thickness. Generally, 4 inches is considered as the minimum thickness. Though increasing the thickness to inches will increase the cost of your concrete driveways, it will boost its load-carrying capacity.

Follow the tips when constructing a driveway and get in touch with the experts at Parklane Landscaping.