Great Reasons to use our Landscaping Contractors in Tadworth

If you’ve recently moved into a new property in Tadworth and you’re not particularly happy with various aspects of the garden, we can help. Fences, patios, driveways and lawns that are not up to the standard you require can be dealt with by our landscaping, paving and fencing contractors. We can mould and shape your garden exactly how you want it.

At Parklane Landscaping, we can design, supply and install a whole new outdoor living space totally unique to both you and your home.

Our fencing and paving contractors, who are based in Dorking but cover the Tadworth area, are renowned for their hard landscaping expertise. High quality driveways and patios revitalise kerb appeal and add value to your home. Our experience in landscaping means we can find the right materials and the right look to match your taste and lifestyle.

Adding Style, Security and Privacy to your Tadworth Home

Driveways, in particular, have thousands of permutations. Our paving contractors have the ability to install gravel, block paving, shingle and pattern imprinted concrete driveways at your Tadworth home. Once you’ve decided on the colour scheme and the material, our landscaping team will commence with the work.

Our fencing contractors are on hand to erect perimeter boundaries in gardens that are in need of more privacy or security. Our fencing can also be used as a containment measure for children and pets. And, if you’re worried about the threat of intrusion from potentially destructive wildlife, our fencing contractors are sure to have a solution available.

Landscaping Solutions for Brighter, Greener Garden Spaces

With strategic planting and planning, Parklane Landscaping can help your garden become a haven for wildlife. We can introduce plants, shrubs and even small trees that will encourage birds and many other native species to use your newly-laid landscaping as a natural sanctuary. There’s no better way to make your Tadworth property more enjoyable!

The environmental policy that we have in place encourages customers to use garden landscaping as a means of preserving the planet. We continually revive natural environments in the Tadworth area and we can advise you on the best ways to do the same.

Reducing our carbon footprint is always at the forefront of our minds. We actively encourage our customers to follow our lead and make their outdoor spaces as environmentally friendly as possible. Our fencing and paving contractors will be happy to advise you on the greenest, brightest solutions for your home in Tadworth

For more information on landscaping and driveways in Tadworth, call 01306 735362 or 07768 026770 and talk to our paving contractors.