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Not every Reigate homeowner has a huge garden to play with when it comes to landscaping. But as an art critic will tell you that it’s not the size of the canvas that determines the value of a painting, paving contractors and fencing contractors will tell you that it’s not the size of the garden that determines its worth. It’s perfectly possible to create a beautiful, property value-boosting landscape regardless of how large your space is. The same rule goes for driveways, in that we’ve seen some huge, poorly built driveways around Reigate, and some much smaller but beautifully delivered ones.

The advantages that a smaller garden offers are actually plentiful. They’re easier to maintain than their larger cousins, they’re fantastic for scented plants (the aromas are all the more intoxicating when plant are kept in a concentrated area), and you can better utilise boundaries erected by fencing contractors for effective vertical planting.

Likewise with smaller driveways, you can often afford more premium materials and be free to get creative with the patterns you choose! Keeping all this in mind, on this page, the Parklane Landscaping team has run through some of the golden rules for landscaping a smaller front or back garden. We hope it will help our Reigate clients as they consider how they can best improve their property.

Five Tips for Small Garden Landscaping in Reigate

1. Choose the Right Plants – ...and be ruthless. There’s no room in a smaller garden for any struggling “hangers on”. Choose beautiful plants that suit the landscaping theme you’re going for, and your property at large. Ever square meter counts!

2. Make the Most of Your Space – Paving contractors will be able to help you maximise the space in your Reigate garden by building usable paved-over space, a small garden path, or perhaps staggered levels that can be planted on.

3. Fencing is a Golden Opportunity – Earlier we mentioned how fencing can be used for vertical planting. Request trellises and wire to be integrated into the boundaries that our fencing contractors erect. This will allow you to plant climbing species that will create a dynamic sense of height in your garden, and look fantastic once fully grown.

4. Colour is Key – We’ve seen many fantastic examples of gardens around Reigate where many different coloured plants have been carefully positioned to create depth and a real “wow factor”. Oranges, reds and yellows go well together, as do purples, blues and lilacs. Colour coordinate your plants to other aspects of your landscaping, like any outdoor furniture you might purchase, and score some bonus points!

5. Consider a Centrepiece – Having an eye-catching centrepiece, perhaps an ornament or water feature, can really glue your garden together aesthetically, making it a cohesive whole. There are many items that make effective centrepieces without eating up too much space. We’d recommend having a browse around online and in magazines for inspiration. Our paving contractors, based near Reigate, suggest a communal outdoor area, perhaps in the form of a patio, as a centrepiece that boasts both function and form. In the case of front gardens, obviously driveways are the literal centrepiece, so get one that looks the part with our paving contractors!

For more landscaping advice, call our friendly team of paving contractors and fencing contractors on 01306 735362. Parklane Landscaping is located near Reigate, in Dorking.