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The Parklane Landscaping team often receives enquiries from homeowners and property developers around Esher looking to invest in a new patio. The most common question our paving contractors are posed is: “which is the best material to use?” But a straight answer is just as difficult to give as it is for fencing contractors who are asked to name the single best material for fences, or for hard landscapers asked whether resin driveways beat all other alternatives available. Fact of the matter is; it really depends on what you’re looking for, both in terms of aesthetic and structural characteristics.

So on this page, our paving contractors have looked to run through a few of our favourite materials to use when building patios around Esher. They’re not the only options available, so if you have your eye on something not mentioned, don’t be put off calling us. Likewise, if you’re searching for fencing contractors or are considering the benefits of new resin driveways, we urge you to get in contact with the Parklane Landscaping team on 01306 735362 or 07768 026770.

Choosing a Material for Your Esher Home’s New Patio

Remember, choosing a patio material isn’t just a matter of casting your eye over the available options and picking the one which you think looks the best. While it’s obviously important you invest in something that looks great, there’s also the cost of the material and its various properties to consider – like durability and availability. Here are three materials Parklane Landscaping regularly work with, all of which are worth considering.

Natural Stone – A broad term that encompasses materials from Indian Sandstone, to York Sand stone and Welsh Slate; our Esher customers appreciate natural stone for its warm and individualistic look, and its exceptionally durable nature. Each variety of natural stone has its own distinct properties, but they do share a few too. For example, each bit of stone has its own character and subtle imperfections. Therefore, those who find the man-made uniformity of synthetic materials off-putting tend to love it.

Combine a warm natural stone with timber boundaries erected by our expert fencing contractors, and you’re well on your way to creating an inviting garden space that’ll be enjoyable year-round. Do keep in mind though, some forms of natural stone can be quite expensive – so keep a close eye on your budget and request a free, no-obligation quote from our paving contractors before making any financial commitments.

Brick – Certain homeowners around Esher are looking to cultivate a rustic, European aesthetic via landscaping, specifically in a new patio. Brick is a great material to achieve this. Only certain types of brick are suitable for a patio, they need to be able to deal with exposure to the inclement weather conditions that Esher often suffers, specifically heavy rain fall.

This is because brick is porous and takes in moisture. If the temperature were to drop suddenly, as it tends to do in the winter, the water could freeze and crack the brick. Specially treated bricks, the same type employed in driveways, are less likely to suffer from this problem.

Block Pavers – As they’re available in many different shapes and colours, and therefore can be placed in all sorts of different patterns, block pavers can be a great material for a creative and innovative patio. They’re also very easily replaced should one break, you won’t have to dig up the whole patio, just buy a new paver to replace the damaged one. This is one of the reasons they’re also an extremely popular choice for driveways around Esher, and a viable alternative to resign driveways.

For stunning, value-adding patios built in and around the Esher area, choose Parklane Landscaping .Call our paving contractors today on 01306 735362 or 07768 026770.