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Like every creative industry, landscaping sees new trends come and go year-in and year-out. As the Dorking area’s local, trusted paving contractors and fencing contractors, it’s our job to stay up to speed with all of them. That way we can advise our valued clients on the best options for their driveways, garden paths, fencing, patios, decking and everything in between.

Below we’ve run through a few of the hottest trends that Parklane Landscaping has observed growing in popularity throughout the Dorking area. If you have a question for us regarding our high quality resin driveways, or if you have a question that can only be answered by our paving contractors and fencing contractors directly, give us a call today on 01306 735362 or 07768 026770.

Landscaping Trends – What’s Hot in 2016-17

Full Outdoor Living Spaces – While outdoor living spaces aren’t exactly new in the world of landscaping, they have been getting increasingly kitted out with all the bells and whistles. With boundaries provided by our fencing contractors, and a lovely paved area installed by our paving contractors, you can establish a living space that can be kitted out with amenities like seating, tables, and a fire pit for cooking and late night entertaining.

Technological Integration – When going about the standard work that paving contractors and fencing contractors are tasked with around Dorking (e.g building resin driveways), our team has little chance to experiment with new technology. But luckily we get to spread our wings a little when it comes to helping clients realise their landscaping design dreams. One way we do this is by recommending solar-powered LED lighting that can illuminate paths and make gardens all the more beautiful and usable at night. These lights can be acquired in all sorts of colours, so get creative!

Edible Landscapes – One of the trends we’re most excited about is a sudden spike in interest in growing fruit and vegetables. We’ve long helped hobbyists around Dorking with building beds for their plants, but to see it be embraced by the wider “casual” growing public is fantastic to see. Not only do these plants look wonderful, but there’s a real sense of reward when the living thing you’ve cared for and looked after provides you with its bounty! Cooking from scratch is one thing, but cooking with materials you’ve reared from seeds is even more exciting.

Soothing Colours – Once you have fencing contractors in to erect boundaries around your Dorking garden, and you’ve had our paving contractors sort out its structure and perhaps build a patio or path, you should think about the different coloured plants you’ll feature within it. As of late, Parklane Landscaping has noticed that trendsetting magazines have been featuring gardens with lots of light blues, pinks and greens. It’s no coincidence these pale and soothing colours have also been the flavour of the month in interior design circles, one often follows the other.

Resin Driveways Resurgence – Resin driveways of both varieties, bonded and bound, have been proving popular both in Dorking and the wider Surrey area. While block paving is still a very popular choice that our paving contractors are happy to provide, resin driveways have been recognised for their strength and durability, easy installation, low maintenance requirements and affordable cost. We expect them only to get more popular over the coming 12 months.

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