Paving Contractors Building Beautiful Garden Paths in Cobham

At Parklane Landscaping, we’ve built a reputation not just for the fantastic resin driveways we build around the Cobham area, or the sturdy boundaries our fencing contractors erect, but for the work our paving contractors carry out – laying garden paths, for example. We really believe one aspect of landscaping that can really make or break a garden on a design basis is the garden path. Considering where it will lead, the shape it will take and the material it will be built from are all important things that paving contractors will recommend giving thought to. On this page, we’ve run through a few design tips and some of the different materials you can choose from.

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Garden Path Design Tips

Straight lines can cause a divisionary effect that splits the garden and disrupts its unified aesthetic. In some cases, if you’re looking to create perfect symmetry and a very distinctive, modern look, this could be a positive. But in most cases, the paving contractors at Parklane Landscaping find that subtle curvature is much more effective. It’s also important to make the path wide enough for your garden’s intended use.

If you are one of the Cobham area’s many avid gardeners, you will want to ensure your path is wide enough to allow easy access to the plants, shrubs and trees you’re growing/maintaining. Or, if you have a large garden ideal for strolls or for playing (if you have kids), then ensure that your path is wide enough for two people to walk down side-by-side. In terms of the space to either side of the path, consider other aspects of your landscaping, for example the features and boundaries that fencing contractors have erected, or are going to erect. You wouldn’t want your path to take up more net area than your lawn due to spatial constraints!

Too little space between the path and your flower beds and fencing could end up looking a bit odd, or downright awful. This is why the team at Parklane Landscaping always works closely with Cobham clients to draw up a precise design that incorporates elements which will be installed by both our fencing contractors and paving contractors (our resin driveways team takes a similar approach to planning, both meticulous and careful).

Choosing a Material

Many of the materials our paving contractors use when building garden paths around Cobham are also options available for driveways (not resin driveways, however). If after reading the below you’re in anyway unsure which material will best suit your garden’s path, give us a call. The friendly team at Parklane Landscaping will be able to provide free- no-obligation advice! Keep in mind these are just three of the most popular materials our paving contractors work with; if you have something different in mind just give us a call – we’re extremely versatile.

Gravel – When properly edged by seasoned paving contractors, like the team at Parklane Landscaping, gravel paths can look fantastic. They’re ideal for Cobham gardens that will be subject to light-medium traffic, but less suited to dealing with gradients. There are two options when it comes to gravel, sharp edged and loose. The latter moves around a bit more. Gravel can be laid in a range of different types of styles, covering a variety of colours and sizes.

Concrete – Concrete paths aren’t what they used to be: dull, utilitarian and simple. They can be laid in interesting ways now, and colouring agent can be used to brighten them up. We’ve laid concrete garden paths in incrementally spaced steps of varying sizes, a really modern and interesting approach to the task. Combine with attractive boundaries put up by Parklane Landscaping’s fencing contractors, and you’ll have a cutting edge garden that will be the envy of your Cobham neighbours! And remember, there’s a reason why concrete is a very popular material that can also be used for driveways – it’s incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Bricks – For a rustic, traditional garden path, bricks are the way to go. While they’re quite expensive when compared with their gravel or concrete competitors, and only tend to excel in dealing with light to medium traffic, they do look fantastic. Bricks can be manufactured in many different styles and colours; you don’t solely have to settle for the classic red brick look (although we’ve laid these to great effect at many properties around the Cobham area).

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