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On this page, the expert paving contractors and fencing contractors at Parklane Landscaping, based near Claygate in Dorking, have jotted down a handful of landscaping “dos and don’ts”. If you’re considering doing up your garden or you’ve been eyeing neighbours’ new driveways with a jealous eye, it may be worth reading through them to ensure you don’t encounter any common pitfalls that can set on those who are new to home/property improvement.

The Dos and Don’ts of Landscaping

Do think long-term. You’re going to live with your overhauled garden or driveways for years to come, keep this in mind. While some landscaping trends popular amongst our Claygate clients prove themselves to be timeless “good design”, others are not much more than a fad. Choose features that aren’t likely to look dated in 2-3 years’ time, or you may find yourself wanting to call in our fencing contractors, paving contractors or experts in driveways once again! Likewise, when choosing plants and trees, consider how long they will take to grow as well as their lifespan.

Don’t get going without a plan. The key to successfully creating the perfect garden to complement your Claygate home is taking time to consider how you want everything to look. It can be tempting to “get the ball rolling” by calling up fencing contractors / paving contractors as soon as you decide that you’re going to invest in new driveways or back garden landscaping. But browse the internet and flip through magazines to find inspiration and a concept that’ll work. This will help you communicate to us exactly what you’re looking for.

Think not just of a fence, a paving area etc. but also of the plants you’ll use and the furniture you’ll employ. There are many different elements to consider! If at any time you feel a little overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Parklane Landscaping team. We’ll be more than happy to help you with the design aspect of the job!

Do balance the budget accordingly. If you’re moving into a property you’ve just purchased in the Claygate area, and you want to completely overhaul both the garden and front yard, consider how costly this might be. You may want to balance your budget by choosing a quality, but economically sound fencing option (our fencing contractors can help you find something appropriate), thereby allowing you to set aside a bit more money for driveways (which should be of the up most quality, like the ones our paving contractors provide).

If you’re strapped for cash, choose professional assistance with the big items (patios, driveways, brickwork), and do some of the smaller tasks yourself, or call in some local friends about Claygate you might be able to help. Planting your own flowers and plants can be handled with a little bit of research done online, for example.

Don’t over-do it, particularly in the planting department. We’ve known of homeowners and companies around Claygate who’ve had a huge amount of flowers and vegetation planted in the garden, many of which belong to notoriously high-maintenance species. But often they’ll grow bored or just run out of time to properly look after them. Likewise, hard landscaping features should be selected with maintenance in mind.

Most materials our paving contractors work with, including all those we offer driveways in, are easy to look after. But more exotic materials, just like exotic plants, often take a little more TLC. If you have a busy or hectic life already, the last thing you’ll want to do is add in another load of chores to do over the weekend! Give it some thought.

Do consider your property’s value. Curb your enthusiasm for your more peculiar tastes and choose design elements that will sit well with potential buyers around Claygate, that is, unless you plan to live in it forever. Investing in new driveways and landscaping features, and calling in paving contractors or fencing contractors to replace tired old structures on your property, is a fantastic way to boost your property’s value and make it more appealing to a wider audience.

However, be sure to invest in items that are seen as attractive features, like a patio, driveway or decking. These are known to be value-adding, and are less controversial than say, a fish pond. The prospect of having fish to tend for might go down a treat with one in 10 buyers, but the others won’t likely be that impressed.

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